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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 43 comment on 11/08/2022, 4:41am...

This Psalm is a continuation from Psalm 42 with the same author(s) according to experts on the subject. We see here a continuing sense of alienation from God as well as an unknown nation and their affects. It is unclear in these verses if there is a specific forced diaspora to other parts of the country or other nations. Clearly this was before the time the Kingdom was completely rendered; although it was near and David's sins had incurred promises from Nathan the Prophet that God was about to send enemies; and the continued rebellion of Solomon would end the united rulership of the nation under kings permanently.

As others have mentioned; there are continuing exhortations to trust God in these Psalms; despite the feeling of estrangement from His presence. In Lamentations in particular we can see how the writer agonized over the state of Jerusalem when the sufferings to come were considered. This was true of the book of Jeremiah itself; as well as Daniel. There was always a realization of the sin of the individual (such as Isaiah in the presence of God); as well as the sins of the nation as a whole (seen in Daniel's prayer when the 70 years were up when he acknowledged that despite God's promises they had been in rebellion and unrepentant much of that time). We learn from this that in the end His promises to us will be fulfilled; as well as for all of God's people. We understand that He chastises His people as individuals as well as the nation of Israel in particular which will occur in the Tribulation to full fruition once national repentance ensues (see the last few chapters of Zechariah).

One issue these writers wouldn't have is that of ancestor worship seeing how God's wrath had come on their father for rebellion against God. Such destruction as Jesus illustrated when the tower of Siloam came down; and Pilate's offering was tainted with blood of innocent Jews is the fate of all of us; in our sins we all perish apart from Christ's atoning blood.


BSP's Psalms Chapter 43 comment on 1/29/2021, 6:15am...

Verse 3-He sends out light by declaring his purpose, by enabling his servants to understand it, and then by bringing to fulfillment what he has declared.


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