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Texsis's Psalms Chapter 16 comment on 8/18/2023, 10:21am...

Yes, thank 'you Lord God' for bringing Mr. Harris out of his addiction. "Heavenly Father, I ask that you be w/him daily being the 'footprints in the sand' till he is strong enough in You to walk beside you & Lord let him feel the peace that passes all understanding receiving yur All & keeping his weakness at bay. In Christ Jesus me I pray, Amen".!

They say, and I Completly Disagree, 'once addicted always addicted'. That in it self is a weakness you must let go of. For Only Gods daily word, unconditional love, forgivness (past, present & future), peace that He will help you through surpassing All understanding & His strength beyond compare can keep you from such. Yet if you have that saying in the bk of yur mind 'Im weak' you shall continue to be. Let go & let God has great meaning my friend.! It's awesome & Nothing can lead you away, you'll want to do ANYthing for Christ Even be able to spread His word w/out fear.! Take care Morgan, God bless, 'Texsis'.


Morgan harris's Psalms Chapter 16 comment on 8/16/2023, 9:02am...

God is good all the time I just love the lord I know God hears my prayers and I'm never alone because if my God he's turned my life around i went from being an addict to a recoverying addict thank u lord god


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