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Wesley's Notes for Judges 6:26-29

[some editing for space]

6:26 Gideon was NO PRIEST, nor was this the appointed place of sacrifice; but God can dispense with his own institutions, though we may not; and his call gave Gideon sufficient authority.

6:27 Ten men - whereby they were easily induced to assist him. He feared - Not so much, lest he should suffer for it, but he should be prevented from doing it.

6:28 Was offered - Not upon Baal's altar, for which it was designed; but upon an altar erected in contempt of Baal.

6:30 They said - Probably some of the persons employed in it.

6:31 Will ye plead - Why are you so zealous in pleading for that Baal, for the worship whereof you suffer such grievous calamities at this day? It is plain, that Joash had been a worshipper of Baal: but probably he was now convinced by Gideon. He that will plead - He that shall farther plead for such a god as this, deserves to die for his folly and impiety. It is not probable, that this was all which he said for his son: but it is usual in scripture to give only short hints of things which were more largely discoursed. While it is morning - That is, instantly, without delay. Let him plead - As the God of Israel hath often done when any indignity or injury hath been done him. But Baal hath now shewed, that he is neither able to help you, nor himself; and therefore is not worthy to be served any longer. This resolute answer was necessary to stop the torrent of the peoples fury; and it was drawn from him, by the sense of his son's extreme danger; and by the confidence he had, that God would plead his son's cause, and use him for the rescue of his people.

Mishael: the first bullock was for Gideon. God Sanctified Gideon to lead Israel into battle.

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