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Ronald Whittemore's Matthew Chapter 1 comment on 7/28/2023, 4:44pm...

Hi DanYells,

The prophet is Isaiah, Matthew 1:22-23 shows the fulfillment of one of the many prophecies, this one we see given in Isaiah 14:7. Immanuel or in Greek Emmanuel is a Hebrew personal name meaning God is with us or God is with the people. Immanuel/Emmanuel is representative of the fact that God would demonstrate his love for us by the giving of His only begotten Son, Jesus the Messiah for the deliverance and salvation of his people, John 3:16.

Hebrew names have meaning like Jesus or Joshua that comes from the same Hebrew name Yehoshua meaning God is deliverance. It is derived from yeho meaning God and shua meaning to deliver or save.

God bless,



GiGi's Matthew Chapter 1 comment on 7/28/2023, 2:01pm...


Glad to meet you.

Emmanuel is Hebrew for "God with us" as Jesus was indeed God dwelling in human flesh to live among us during His earthly life in a flesh and blood human body with a human nature, yet without sin. Jesus, the Son of God, who is the Word that is God in John 1:1 has always been God, the divine Son of the divine Father, but when He came to live a perfect earthly life, He also took on humanity in order to fulfill all of the law and obey the Father perfectly as a human man. He did this to fulfill all righteousness in order to be the perfect sacrifice for the sins of all humanity. So, Jesus was truly "God with us", so the name Emmanuel was speaking of who He is for all eternity, and not to be mistaken for only a mortal man when He lived His earthly life among us.

Jesus also told the disciples that He will always be with them after His resurrection. So, as the glorified Christ, He is with us as His Spirit dwells in us. If we have the Spirit in us, The Father and the Son also abide in us, as Jesus spoke at His Last Supper Discourse.

How wonderful is the name Emmanuel! God is with us. He is in us. He will never leave us nor forsake us. He is not far off from us, but closer than our own breath. He is forever our Lord and Savior.

We are His friends, as He said we are. We are united with Him by faith. We are hid in Him, being protected from the enemy. We are alive in Him because He arose from the dead. We are adopted as children of God through Jesus. We can never be separated from His love. We have an inheritance kept for us by Him in heaven. We will be brought to Him at the resurrection and will be with Him forever in His place of glory.



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