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Mishael's Matthew Chapter 1 comment on 7/24/2020, 1:48am...

I pray that the Lord would strengthen your immune system with His healing hands and give your doctor wisdom in treating you.

You need to go on YouTube and watch some Derek Prince videos on spiritual warfare (ones over an hour). Search: Derek Prince Alcoholism

You're both under spiritual attack. Get some knowledge in you first, ok.


Jim's Matthew Chapter 1 comment on 7/08/2020, 6:37pm...

When Jesus sent the 12 disciples out to heal the sick, raise the dead, cure the lepers and drive out the demons. Jesus had given them the power to do every thing he told them to do. Jesus already knew what what his disciples was capable of. He told them what to look out for, and if a particular area doesn't work out, to kick the dust of the off their feet and more on to the next town. Jesus instruct the disciples not to carry money or a change of clothes, nor to accept money or anything of value. Eat what is sit before you, and don't worry about anything. Jesus favor his on. I f you believe in me and I believe in you your faith,you will excell and do you will do unbelievable miracle. Trust in me, and not lean into your own understanding. I'm reference to

Matthew 10


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