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Chris's Matthew Chapter 1 comment on 6/03/2022, 8:02pm...

Hi Lenny. From Matthew 1:17, we see the writer allocating fourteen generations between Abraham & David, then another fourteen from David to the Babylonian captivity, and then a further fourteen from the Captivity to Christ.

These are not generations of years/timeline, but generations of families. In other words, if we tried to count the years between each person/event, we would find that there isn't any correlation between them. The first set of fourteen covered approx 1000 years; the second set, approx 400 years; and the third set, nearly 600 years. So we can't use a timeline to predict a possible fourteen generations after Christ. And even if we tried to do so, what families would we use, since after the dispersion & inter-mingling between Israelis & the world, it would be impossible to ascertain any Jewish generation? The only generation that matters to the Lord are those who have been 're-generated' & are now the children of God through His Son Jesus Christ. We can't apply another fourteen generations to this age (post-Cross/Pentecost) - we are those who look up, knowing that our "redemption/coming of the Lord draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28; James 5:8).


Streetpreacher's Matthew Chapter 1 comment on 6/03/2022, 4:25am...

Look for Chris tomorrow. He is great with history.


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