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Robert McKenzie's Matthew Chapter 1 comment on 11/26/2020, 3:42pm...

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Hugo Zyl's Matthew Chapter 1 comment on 11/11/2020, 7:31pm...

God bless you brother Butch

The answer you are looking for is in the history of Christianity. The Trinity doctrine started early in the 2nd century and caused confusion for a very long time until in the year 325 AD there was a meeting in Rome called the Nicene Council where many of the "big" church leaders of the day went to formalize what they thought was the correct doctrine of the Godhead and baptism formula. They decided that the Trinity is the true doctrine of God's nature and that to be baptized in the 3 titles was the correct baptism. This has continued on until the present time by most churches. The glorious reformation under Martin Luther and others in the 15th century did unfortunately not throw out this false doctrine and false baptism.

The correct baptism is the Bible baptism: in the name of the Lord Jesus or the name of Jesus Christ. If I may say, you quoted the Scriptures wrongly. There is no baptism in the name of Jesus recorded in the Bible.

Being baptized in the name of Jesus Christ is perfect in that it is correctly following the pattern, i.e., we die with Christ, we rise with Christ, we are filled with the Spirit of Christ. Therefore we worship our one and only Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost (thus fulfilling the words of Jesus in Matthew 28 "...in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost")

Peace and love in Christ


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