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Adam's Romans Chapter 4 comment on 9/22/2020, 11:46am...

I think all KJVs in print and on the web today had a big revision in 1769 and a minor one around 1900s. People ask why and what the rationale was and there are books on that you can buy for every single letter, hyphen, punctuation, capitalization change. It didn't change the translation or meaning of course, but needed change to keep up with changing English language as it changed substantially from 1611 to present.


Use of Cannabis's Romans Chapter 4 comment on 9/22/2020, 1:12am...

To Ed George

This is a comment that someone wrote in regards to Big Pharmacy and marijuana.

When you think about it....Big Pharmacy does provide America with enough opioids to kill a planet. I see the point. What do you think?

> commenter unknown. WRONG! Your research is ancient and full of old prohibition deception. Sounds like you're a religious pharisee and definitely a legalistic. Not all who say Lord Lord. You can twist and pull scripture out of context all day long. Once pulled out of context, becomes a pre-text. Doesn't work. There is freedom in grace. Not to be taken lightly of course. Our motives determine everything. I don't agree with recreational, however medical has saved the many from harmful pharmaceuticals something I'm sure your on the payroll for so of course you are going to claim cannabis is oh so dangerous. Big pharma is dangerous and deceitful beyond measure. Big pharma happens to be one of the biggest opponents of cannabis along with alcohol and tobacco. That sure says a lot.

In Scripture we are to obey Gods precepts. There is nothing there regarding cannabis except to say do all things in moderation. As well don't offend your weaker brother. Again.. stop twisting scripture to suit those who keep your bank account full Big Pharma.

( Writer unknown)

Mishael comment: I had 2 little brothers die from long term drug use. My view is rather harsh. Maybe we should talk about this?


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