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Jacqui's Exodus Chapter 24 comment on 10/18/2022, 1:26am...

Wow , thank you Earl , I shall be reading Revelation soon and I shall keep your comments in mind when I do . I'm a bit disappointed that I haven't received many answers to my question . I know it's a tough one but I would love to hear people's opinions , I hope that we are not scared of saying what we think in case we make fools of ourselves . I was a bit nervous about putting my ideas out there in case people thought I was stupid/ crazy but I'm glad I took a chance , if I hadn't done so I wouldn't have got your interesting response , thanks again , I guess we are the brave ones !


GiGi's Exodus Chapter 24 comment on 8/09/2022, 7:41pm...


Agreed. When I post on my Bible reading (no in Exodus) I am not proposing that what I write is necessarily correct interpretation nor am I not open for correction and elaboration from others. As you said, some of it comes down to simply opinion or understanding with my limited knowledge or lack of training in the original languages or customs of the Biblical time periods.

So, I don't mind at all if someone 'calls me out" on what I write. I am simply going through the chapter, paraphrasing what I am understanding, and trying to convey connections I discover between the chapter under review and other portions of Scripture and doctrine that I know. So, feel free to interject anytime. I am so fallible! And I guess, I don't feel inhibited about sharing this way. Others may not be so open as I am. But I feel if I do not share my ideas with other believers, I will not be in a place to be corrected or instructed by someone who knows much more than myself.

Have a good evening, David, thank you for "chiming in".


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