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Postmyers567's Proverbs Chapter 4 comment on 7/02/2022, 5:15pm...

Proverbs 4:7

"wisdom is the principle." To know the true God, and what he requires of man, and for what he has made man; and to this must be added, under the Christian dispensation, to know Jesus Christ whom he hath sent, and for what end He was sent, the necessity of his being sent, and the nature of that salvation which he has bought by his own blood.

Get wisdom - Consider this as thy chief gain; that in reference to which all thy wisdom, knowledge, and endeavors should be directed.

And with all thy getting - Let this be thy chief property. While thou art passing through things temporal, do not lose those things which are eternal; and, while diligent in business, be fervent in spirit, serving the Lord.

Get understanding - Do not be contented with the lessons of wisdom merely; do not be satisfied with having a sound religious creed; devils believe and tremble; but see that thou properly comprehend all that thou hast learnt; and see that thou rightly apply all that thou hast been taught.

Wisdom prescribes the best end, and the means best calculated for its attainment. Understanding directs to the ways, times, places, and opportunities of practicing the lessons of wisdom. Wisdom points out the thing requisite; understanding sees to the accomplishment and attainment. Wisdom sees; but understanding feels. One discovers, the other possesses.


Cynthia Moody's Proverbs Chapter 4 comment on 7/02/2022, 1:39pm...

This passage is urging me and us to listen. Solomon is saying stop! listen to what im saying i am going to say somethings that you are not going to like but hear me out. Being able to be corrected is wisdom Solomon is saying we think the easy way out of things are the best way Not so all the time. That is why it is such a honour and a priviledge to know of the true and living God. As we see many today dont understand and sadly they dont want to understand. Oh, if we could just want understanding, God said he would give it to us. We dont have it because we dont ask for it


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