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Carleton's Proverbs Chapter 4 comment about verse 27 on 6/05/2021, 6:47am...

Hello Mark T, I and many others participate by love in the factual body of believers who know Jesus Christ and their hearts while living by his grace in power above willing sin for his purpose as their reasonable service. Talk is cheap as you mentioned.

Keep the faith.



Mark T smith sr's Proverbs Chapter 4 comment about verse 27 on 6/04/2021, 8:59pm...

The truely factual body of believers in Our King Jesus has fallen by the wayside. We need to stand back up in our most Holy Faith and use these materials to come home again. Study. Meditate. Think. Pray And not just jiberish but determine to pay attention to Gods Word and purposely interact with our Father. He is waiting. Don't let Him down.


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