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Exodus Chapter 23


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Hazel carty's Exodus Chapter 23 comment on 2/18/2022, 12:55am...

Thank you lord


Jcbu undercover's Exodus Chapter 23 comment on 1/30/2022, 6:49am...

excerpt from Destiny Dreams ,and Visions

Little by Little

Little by little,the Jews went to the promised land.

They were all safe in the masters hand's.

Little by little they took ground.

The walls of Jericho fell with a glorious sound.

Little by little he works inside of me.

When we walk with him he sets us free.

Two steps forward one step back.

Little by little with Jesus were right on track.

Little by little as water falls on the earth.

It shapes,and molds,and gives life birth.

Little by little we give our prayers to heaven.

They come back down we grow as leaven.

When you stumble ,and fall down.

Think of the rain,and reach for the crown.

Little by little our prayers reach above.

Step by step we grow with the fathers love.

Little by little he works inside of me.

Little by little I am set free.

The path moves forward two steps at a time.

On a journey to heaven,and the sublime.

Little by little my head is like solid rock.

Little prayers begin to shape my thoughts.

Little by little the spirit grows inside of me.

Because of Jesus I am set free.


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