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Chris's John Chapter 1 comment on 10/30/2020, 1:22am...

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The Holy Spirit resides in all who have come to faith in Jesus Christ (John 14:17) & also convicts men of sin, of righteousness & (coming) judgement. (John 16:7-11). So the Spirit is still working in the World until the appointed time when He is taken away (some argue as to when that time will be). The Son has now returned to the Father (back into the God folder), but He is distinct in that He is now God in the flesh, not as only the Word, but as the Son who has performed all that was required of Him on Earth & now at the Father's right Hand in Heaven (Hebrews 7:25). In the human mind this is a difficult concept to grasp & that is why you are having difficulties. If you want to understand God in a human perspective, it won't work because we don't have anything on this Earth that can adequately compare to Him & our minds don't work in any other way. But do we say then that because we don't believe that such a Trinity can exist, therefore it's impossible for God to be such? I think then, that it's us who have the problem in understanding the Character of God & not the Doctrine.

Yes, illustrating the Trinity to man's trinitarian composition, is 'problematic': no illustration can adequately do the job, but I felt compelled to use it to try & help you understand, but that didn't work. And lastly, God is Spirit (John 4:24), the Word was part of that Spirit, & the Holy Spirit was sent out into the World. So we only knew & heard God as Spirit in the OT. After Jesus ascended into Heaven, we see the (visible) God in Jesus, but we also know that God is still there (Revelation 8:2 & about 3,000 other verses to prove it). God hasn't disappeared & Jesus has not taken His place. So please look into this & see where your theology has become skewed or maybe you are under some false teaching. May the Lord give you light on this very important matter.


Chris's John Chapter 1 comment on 10/30/2020, 1:21am...

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That's an interesting depiction of the Trinity you gave, Hugo. One problem though: you have shown to the non-Christian person three separate pictures which of course represent three different gods. That's not what it should be. If I had to use a similar illustration, I would say, show a folder (as one used for documents) & say that this represents God. Then take another folder & place it in the 'God folder' & call it "Jesus". Finally, take a third folder & place it in the 'God folder' & call it "Holy Spirit". So what do we have now? We still have three folders, but two of them are within God. But your non-Christian says, "I only see the God folder, where is Jesus & the Holy Spirit?" You can tell him where they are: they are within God or a part of God.

If he objects to this & says that once they are separated, they becomes three gods, then the answer to that is, that they are all in the one Godhead, but when they separate, they, as part of that Godhead, go out to perform what God intends. So we have the God folder, the Word folder & the Holy Spirit folder all in one God. God sends out His Word (as I wrote earlier), but instead of just words for a prophet to proclaim, e.g. like John the Baptist did, God made His Word a Man to not only be The Prophet, but also to be the sacrificial Lamb & Saviour, the eternal Priest & coming King. And because of this human birth made from Divine Seed (the Word), it is said that "He shall be called the Son of God" (Luke 1:35).


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