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GiGi's Leviticus Chapter 7 comment on 11/10/2022, 10:34pm...

Leviticus Chapter 7

This is a continuation of Chapter 6. These chapters speak of God's instructions concerning offerings and sacrifices. Particularly, the last part of ch. 6 and all of ch. 7 speak of what part of these offerings and sacrifices are reserved only for God and what parts are given to the Levites to eat as their portion for performing the priestly rites.

In this Chapter, the trespass offering, peace offering, and grain offering are addressed in this chapter, harkening back to the previous chapters that explained them.

God determined that the Israelites are not eat the fat portions of animals. The fat was to be brought to the priests to be offered to God. God deserves the best and richest of ourselves. The Israelites were forbidden to consume any blood. Blood is precious to God, it is the means by which sins are covered (by Jesus). We are to esteem His blood as holy. Life is in the blood, especially so in Jesus' blood. The Levites were provided for since their work was to serve in the LORD in these ordinances.

I imagine that the Israelites were very cognizant of the might and power of YHWH as well as knowing Him to be a very demanding God in light of the continual offering of animals and grain to Him day and night. Perhaps this intensive service to Him is a clear indication of our obligation to serve Him every day and always. There will never be a time when we will not serve God and give Him glory. It is our purpose. Sometimes we forget this and instead seek God for what we can get from Him. But we are to give Him our life and devotion without reservation nor without thinking or being acutely aware of His worth and majesty. Reverence is something we should cultivate. It leads us to commune with God more rightly. We can forget how awesome He is and how holy He is and that He has every right to demand and order our worship. Good to remember these things. May we worship and serve Him with a glad and willing heart always.


Bob's Leviticus Chapter 7 comment about verse 37 on 9/28/2020, 12:21am...

The very first of the morning and the evening sacrifice? From the laying of the wood, placement of that very first morning offering. What was the routine? Whence came the fire? Did it descend from heaven? Was the Priest required to keep the fire stoked so as to receive the evening sacrifice??


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