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GiGi's Genesis Chapter 28 comment on 2/17/2022, 4:08pm...

Thanks JG.

God insights.


JG's Genesis Chapter 28 comment on 2/17/2022, 8:39am...

From Pillows to Pillar

Jacob's reaction called for Action. First he took the stone used to prop himself up and then he made that stand for itself. Now he had understanding why he couldn't just have a soft pillow made of goose feathers or sheep's wool. Even his pillow had to become something. Then he Anointed the pillow with oil. As God promised that He would bring him to that place again, Jacob wanted to come back to a hallowed place. This pillow was now sacred. It was now declared Holy, (just as Moses' rod). This wasn't just a group of stones (v.11) any longer, but now a stone used to make a pillar. He dedicated that pillar to being the beginning of something for God. He even instituted tithe declaring the first 1/10 of his possessions is Holy unto The Lord.


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