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GiGi's Genesis Chapter 26 comment on 2/19/2022, 10:03pm...

Richard, I am just like you, just looking to learn from Scripture, but I went through Genesis in November and December and wrote comments in the comments sections of those chapters. I like to go and read all of the comments on a chapter before I write mine so that I can better know what would be best to write about. If you haven't yet, you can click on the comments button at the bottom of the page for each chapter to read prior comments. I am learning as I go. I look things up online on ideas that I have questions about. That is how I found out about the two Abimelech's. Have a good evening.


Richard H Priday's Genesis Chapter 26 comment on 2/19/2022, 5:00pm...

GUess you know this stuff better than me. i'm trying to learn the Word better myself through all this commentary and also broaden the viewpoint so that the instruction is edifying through examples that others can relate to. At some point; I could ask challenging questions as a friend of mine who used to send daily scripture devotional messages. Am thankful in this chapter of my life to have the time to write these commentaries; although I have to be proactive with witnessing opportunities as my previous residence elsewhere gave me Christian friends who I would go out with once or twice a week on a regular basis. No substitute for local fellowship which the Lord has now granted me here as well; though in depth discussions can be hard to find. May He provide these things for you as well.

Agape..Rich P


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