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Mishael's Isaiah Chapter 11 comment on 4/24/2020, 7:33pm...

The tithing issue can easily be addressed.

2 Corinthians 9:7

Give it cheerfully. Not grudgingly. Not of necessity.

God doesn't need your money. He just wants to know if we trust Him.


Chris's Isaiah Chapter 11 comment on 4/23/2020, 8:01pm...

Thank you for your comments, David. This piqued my interest in a part of history that is not easily available to us; at least after my spending much time doing research. My research showed Constantine's rise to power & his 'conversion' & subsequent favour to the persecuted & impoverished Christians living in Rome. On his death bed he was baptized for the security of his soul. But, nothing about what you had written. I then found (in Wikipedia) the following: "In 331 AD, Constantine commissioned Eusebius to deliver 50 Bibles to the Church of Constantinople. Athanasius recorded that about 340 Alexandrian scribes prepared Bibles for Constans. It was speculated that this provided motivation for canon lists & (certain codices) are examples of these Bibles. Together with another codex, these are the earliest extant Christian Bibles". Is this then what you are referring to? If not, then I would be interested to read your source material.


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