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GiGi's Nehemiah Chapter 5 comment on 12/13/2021, 10:45pm...

Debra, you are correct. We should do all we can to responsibly take care of our needs. In these times, many people have been it hard by the lockdowns and closing down of businesses, loss of income. Your posts reminds us to be generous to help others in need. We may have been in their shoes one time or may in their shoes sometime in the future, or never. But we can always find ways to bless people wen their resources fail.

Thanks for the reminder.


Debra's Nehemiah Chapter 5 comment on 12/13/2021, 9:46pm...

God says "owe no man anything" , so we need to be careful in our spending, and not incurring debt if possible. It also was not is desire for us to live off of or burden the church with our debts, although I do believe they should help in an emergency. I know my particular church has helped me many times as a single mom. I did not always have to ask either but Bible also says , "if a man doesn't work" , he doesn't eat and a "man who doesn't take care of his own, is worse than an infidel". We all hit hard times, and I am blessed my church has helped me, but I also learned to help myself and eventually I was able to help others..


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