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Free's Romans Chapter 14 comment on 6/04/2022, 5:41pm...

Dear D W I, am not a fan to ppl who always see what other ppl do. In Peace :) but what am afraid for is: Too be sleepy, so if its The Lord or not, i try always to remember too wake up. Like tonight, from northen Europe. The birds are not in sleep eighter.

But then ill think of the web site KJV and my heart lifting up in the high, not sky yet. Here on the web with all my brothers and sisters i feel like home, yes indeed. A good place too be.

Jesus will never leave anyone behind.

But our brother Paul talk alot of sleepy ppl in

1 Corintihans 15:6 15:18 :15:20 and may other places example in 1 Corintihans 11:30.

Jesus talk about He will wake Lasarus up. Here i read a lot of sleepy/dead ppl who Jesus will wake. Or humbly am i wrong?

Stay strong in the word of God, love u in Christ.


D W l's Romans Chapter 14 comment on 6/04/2022, 2:09am...

Revelation 21:7 To him that overcometh shall inherit all things.

Romans 14:17 The Kingdom of God is not meat and drink but rightness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.

Not sure how after we inherit all things some may not have access to all of God's eternal Gift.


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