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The Curse of Idleness and Distrust's Genesis Chapter 35 comment on 4/21/2022, 11:02am...

If you read when Moses led the Jews out of Egypt, they took anything of value they were hiding in their luggage, with them.

When Moses went up the mountain and was gone 40 days, they thought maybe Moses was dead, and got restless.

Dathan volunteered to be a leader and suggested they make an idol. The Golden Calf god of Egypt. Out comes all the loot they were hiding. It was melted. Moses's brother Aaron was forced to carve it. They were just getting into an idolatrous party when Moses runs into Joshua half way down the mountain. Moses after a 40 day fast, was upset. When SOME people realized Moses was alive, they knew they'd been lied to. The got behind Moses. God opened a crevasse in the ground and all of the idol worshippers were swallowed up with the golden calf.

It would follow that after that, they had no more gold trinkets. They had Moses to lead them again. They wandered 40 years in the desert, until all the Older People died of natural causes. God was not going to take them into His Promised Land.

Only the young people followed Joshua into the promised land. Even Moses died on the mountain and did not go into the Promised Land. God let him see it.

I love the stories and people of the Bible. I paraphrase when evangelizing. Jesus told stories too. Your walk with Jesus will explode if you'll spend time reading the stories; soaking up the facts along the way.

One time God couldn't find a prophet, to prophesy; so he used a donkey. God wants so much to bless us-his children! It's in reading the stories that we are calmed on WHO GOD IS. He is LOVE.

If you read Samuel, Kings and Chronicles together (as we do with the Gospels, you will begin to understand the God of the Bible. Each book adds details and attributes. God is not mean or unfair; unreasonable. He doesn't constrain us.

The New Testament doesn't constrain us. We don't need a trumpet to be sounded to pick up where Jesus left off. He said GO YE. Go into your world.


GiGi's Genesis Chapter 35 comment on 4/20/2022, 2:18pm...


That is what I read somewhere, that these earrings had idol images or pagan symbols on them.


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