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Anonymous's Genesis Chapter 35 comment about verse 5 on 10/13/2020, 11:04pm...

Thank you for this everything.

But translation to Korean needs to be consulted to KKJB (Korean King James bible) by Word of God Preservation Society. ( P.O.Box, Kang Seo, Seoul, Korea. Printed in Korea)

I study intensive reading of English as 2nd language. I choose this KJB. But there are some misunderstandings as Korean translation version.

Anyway I appreciate you again.


Chris's Genesis Chapter 35 comment about verse 4 on 10/05/2020, 11:16pm...

I can't say for sure about slaves in the O.T. wearing any form of earring; but the Bible does speak about slaves, who were normally freed from their bond after six years, but who opted to stay on serving their master. Those slaves were officially confirmed as such & their ear was pierced marking them as slaves to their master forever. See Exodus 21:1-6.


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