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Noelfrancis I Udejiagbara's Genesis Chapter 35 comment on 1/05/2021, 1:46pm...

When we have vowed a vow to God, it is best not to defer the payment of it; yet better late than never. Jacob commanded his household to prepare, not only for the journey and removal, but for religious services.


Anonymous's Genesis Chapter 35 comment about verse 5 on 10/13/2020, 11:04pm...

Thank you for this everything.

But translation to Korean needs to be consulted to KKJB (Korean King James bible) by Word of God Preservation Society. ( P.O.Box, Kang Seo, Seoul, Korea. Printed in Korea)

I study intensive reading of English as 2nd language. I choose this KJB. But there are some misunderstandings as Korean translation version.

Anyway I appreciate you again.


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