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Carl Gaines's Genesis Chapter 35 comment on 5/29/2020, 3:00pm...

That is correct GOD would never change his name. I was referring to 35:10 where GOD changed Jacob's name.

Thanks for the help that makes sense. I will reread chapter 35 with your help you have given me.

It always amazes me how fast Christians are ready to attack other Christians so quickly without understanding the question, even call them names.

Thanks for being one of the good ones Chris.



Chris's Genesis Chapter 35 comment on 5/28/2020, 12:19am...

Carl, I fear that we have misunderstood your question, so our apologies. We have assumed that your question was to God changing His Name. But, in reading Gen 35, I think your question is "Why did God change Jacob's name"?

If I'm correct, then this actually is a good question. You may remember that this matter came up first in Gen 32:24-30. Jacob had just left Laban's house after serving him for twenty years for his daughters & cattle, when during his journey at a brook, Jacob wrestled with an 'angel' & was winning the match, when the angel weakened his grip on him. But Jacob wouldn't release him until he received a blessing & so it was here at Peniel that the angel of the Lord told him that his name would be called Israel. And Israel = Yisra'el, means 'one who contended with God'. So Jacob would no longer be seen as 'the Supplanter', as his name, Jacob, meant.

Yet, it seems that this name was only a prophecy until God (officially) named him Israel at Bethel (Gen 35:10-13). So even though the Bible still speaks of Jacob, he is then known as Israel & all his descendants were the 'children of Israel". I hope this helps you.


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