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Tomas's 2 Kings Chapter 20 comment on 1/11/2021, 6:56am...

It's not over, last night I heard Trump signed the insurrection act. Don't look for confirmation from MSM -Fake news, but wait on the LORD, conditions will dramatically pick-up i.e. The military and special forces arresting Joe Biden and Hunter Biden and thousands of other high profilers.


Nicole's 2 Kings Chapter 20 comment on 1/08/2021, 5:42am...

Greetings Rick,

I believe that God has left the captial. Many have said they have lost faith in God. That is when I tell them the Lord is a gentlemen and will never force Himself on someone. So yes He may have removed us from under his umberall of protection. But we may that choice as a whole. Revelation says we will fae time of trails and great evil. So my suggestion is the keep praying and now pray for next president. Maybe he will get saved. Also remeber this is no suprise to the Lord. He has a plan and we should not go muck it up.


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