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Chris's Leviticus Chapter 21 comment on 2/10/2021, 6:10pm...

This passage is speaking about the priests, who did service in the Tabernacle. They were, by their position, set apart (sanctified) to attend to holy things (within the Tabernacle, to touch the utensils, offer sacrifices, etc.). If they should defile themselves with the dead (i.e. touch a dead body, assist at a funeral or even partake in a funeral feast, they would be considered polluted). Not that a dead body can materially pollute another, but that the position of the priest compelled him to remain segregated from anything that defiled, including the consumption of strong drink. Reading the rest of that chapter & then into chapter 22, will reveal some more qualifications & things to do & not do, for the priest of God.

However, for those of his kin who died, he was allowed to attend to them, whether arranging their funeral, coming near to them or demonstrating sorrow for his loss. But this concession applied to the priests only - the High Priest was not included & had to separate himself from all people who died.


Barry P's Leviticus Chapter 21 comment on 2/10/2021, 11:02am...

I am struggling to comprehend the context of the word 'defile' in Leviticus 21:1-3. I do not understand how a person can 'defile' their mother, father, brother, virgin sister which had no husband, son , or daughter. What does the scripture mean by allowing next of kin being able to defile the deceased relative? Thank you in advance for your reply.


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