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Richard H Priday's 2 Samuel Chapter 9 comment on 3/27/2022, 2:51pm...

The statement of 2 Samuel 5:8 about destroying those who are blind and lame is in contrast to this statement here about the welfare of Mephibosheth. It clearly shows that the issue wasn't David's obsessive hatred of those with disabilities; but other issues. Namely, in this case for "Jonothan's sake" (v. 1) David had sought out the one remaining descendant who hadn't been killed. He regarded himself as a "dead dog" in verse 8; interestingly; King David also had previously referred to himself when Saul pursued him as that and a flea.

The reference to blind and lame could be symbolic in the earlier chapter of a weak defence. There are also explanations given of those who were symbolically that way due to idol worship. The third explanation is that the lame and blind themselves were mocking David; and thus still wicked in God's sight. As to ceremonial laws; that has passed since N.T. times. Nonetheless; we do best to avoid "political correctness" in assuming that those with disabilities can't exhibit the same wicked patterns as the rest of the world. Jesus warned the paralytic who He healed not to sin again so that "something worse would happen to him" (John 5:6-14). That verse may indicate that sin DIRECTLY led to his condition originally; or indirectly. The absolute meaning of course; indicates that eternal damnation exists for all estranged from Christ.

May we all be edified as the challenge of study of difficult scriptures are examined; following the exhortation of 2 Tim 3:16.


Bocuan Rapopo's 2 Samuel Chapter 9 comment about verse 7 on 3/29/2020, 7:42pm...

This verse is very helpful :)


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