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1 Chronicles Chapter 24


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Carleton's 1 Chronicles Chapter 24 comment on 3/30/2021, 2:45pm...

Kinda stings how sweet Sacha is, all considering.



Sacha's 1 Chronicles Chapter 24 comment on 3/30/2021, 2:25pm...

Ok everyone ,this seems like as good a time as any so im going to put myself right out there and before i do may i say that it is a testament to you all that i feel safe enough here to tell you all the other things that i dont believe ,hang on to your hats ! I dont believe that the devil is some sort of supernatural being that seduces us into sinfull ways ,i dont believe that hell as a place where the ignorant and sinners go to be tortured by demons for eternity exists and i dont believe that any of us will go to heaven .Questions will be answered one at a time at my earliest convenience ,thankyou for listening and i still would like some one to please explain Mark ch13 v32 and Genesis ch22 ,thankyou again .Its 10-30pm here so im off to bed ,goodnight and may God continue to bless you all everyday .


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