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Psalms Chapter 62


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Kevin Mack's Psalms Chapter 62 comment on 10/29/2020, 12:01am...

A great message for the totally depraved corrupt democratic party and all their friends. Enjoy what time you have left, hell is rising up to meet you. You are all fools, because you say there is no God.


Rob's Psalms Chapter 62 comment on 10/18/2020, 4:41pm...

I pray for everyone on this KJV Bible web site , I'm glad to share a bit of my experiences and things I have learned from the Lord thought the Bible and experiences.

I am concerned that there is so much confusion and darkness even in so called Christian groups etc .

I'm not trying to do anything but be faithful to the Lord , I'm not looking for money , followers fame what ever !

Let me encourage anyone to keep seeking the truth and don't be afraid to admit you where wrong, God already knows .

It's human nature to run or fight the light . It's not easy , but just submit to the Lord and trust his word seek mercy and you will find it !

Because He really does everyone of us , Jesus demonstrated that on the Cross !


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