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Chris's 2 Chronicles Chapter 27 comment about verse 6 on 9/08/2020, 1:32am...

Husbandry, as seen in 2 Chronicles 26:10 & 1 Corinthians 3:9, relate to farming, tending to crops or management of those affairs.

In the 2 Chronicles passage, the people made Uzziah, a young man, a king in the place of his dead father, Amaziah. Uzziah is said to have been a cattleman & had vineyards. Thus stating that "he loved husbandry" = related to farming.

In the 1 Corinthians passage, the apostle Paul had just been talking about people like himself or Apollos just being ordinary men & not to be revered & get a following. Rather they both, as for all believers, were appointed by God to perform ministry on Earth: he had a church planting ministry & Apollos helped build it up, but God brought the 'increase'. Again, these verses speak of the imagery of evangelism to the way farmers do their work in the field: the farmers were Paul & Apollos & we (those, the Church, built upon Christ the foundation Stone), are Gods 'husbandry' = the plants/crops that showed the work of those others & God bringing it all together.


Barbara Bruce's 2 Chronicles Chapter 27 comment about verse 6 on 9/07/2020, 7:43am...

What does husbandry mean?


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