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Foolish Pathetic Man's Matthew Chapter 21 comment about verse 44 on 10/08/2020, 2:55am...

I begin to write to see if I can find Christ and If I can find our father, for I can't begin to know anything other then that Christ

was crucified and that we deserve nothing but the punishment of Hell for our sins. And in the worst of our sins, the man that is broken before the lord,

and begs for forgiveness and wishing to turn away from his filthiness has been saved from God with his Glory, and God does not love or forgive us

because we deserve it, or that it is a payment due, but he does it out of his Glory alone. Bringing forth how dependent anything we hope to achieve is in

his will, and his will alone.

My heart is broken with how stupid I am, and my heart is broken with the sins that I have committed in either action or in thought. Where I thought my thoughts

were whole and justified, just how muddy and deceptive they were. When my mind is on Jesus, his words, and his actions, and my lacking's there is a great

sadness that I wish to escape, but by his grace I am saved. For the glory of God let these words go somewhere, and if they do I will not be silent of my writings.

Men's wisdom lacks, because men think they are the center of it all for their consciousness. The carnal wise man does not begin to understand the price that Jesus paid.

The pain he went through, the wrath of God and the glory of him forgiving the wicked that are on the rock. But let it be known that Jesus said "And whosoever

shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder." No 5 minute confession and a swift decisive prayer is

a breaking one's self upon that rock, and our wicked existence without God disciplining our disobedience takes no effort. But the brick that the builders rejected,

Jesus Christ, that is the stone one must fall upon by his grace and glory, his words, his very deliverance by wisdom no heart had lived and uttered in perfection.


Mark's Matthew Chapter 21 comment on 9/30/2020, 5:51pm...

I just wanna say pray for me.im needing a house bad I may have to be out of where im at around Christmas I have been working on this for 2 years now.i now the lord is there and it will come but im really starting to get a little worried.just keep me in ur prayers please! my question is how do you get it to read it to you out loud and is there a daily quote on this app?Thanks to whoever may be listening please pray for me a house soon!


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