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Nathaniel's Micah Chapter 3 comment on 8/06/2020, 8:53am...

may god put this virus out


A Bible believer's Micah Chapter 3 comment on 8/05/2020, 1:07pm...

This chapter calls us to JUDGE. U must be like WHAT? Well this chapter says that they didnt judge. This world judges not correctly. V9 says that people HATE judgement whenever there is a touchy subject like heterosexual vs. Homo u get comments like"Dont judge me". Verse 8 says he has the HOLY SPIRIT AND judgement. Remember if something is not straight it is crooked or, wicked. The same is this. Someone cannot be semiheretical and still have the Holy Ghost. Verse 5 says that people these days are hypocritical. Lets say the BLM movement. SOME people are saying " Safety, Safety!" But they're looting! People are saying, why not all religions come together and make hormony. But still we see they are persecuting Christ-ans.

Let us judge all things as Jesus said.


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