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Chris's Jeremiah Chapter 46 comment about verse 27 on 9/01/2021, 7:51pm...

Hi Eric. It's my understanding that in Jeremiah 46:11,19,20,24 where the 'daughter of Egypt, virgin daughter, fair heifer' are mentioned, they speak of only Egypt, as a land that up to this time had never been conquered.

But Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon would come during the reign of Jehoiakim of Judah, & Egypt would be delivered into Babylon's hands. Jeremiah prophesied this a few years prior to the arrival of Nebuchadnezzar, in 605 BC. Jeremiah 46:2 speaks of the battle being in Carchemish, which was in present-day southern Turkey. Apparently, Egypt had rule over that city & that's where Babylon met Egypt in battle. Ezekiel also mentions this battle in chapter 30 (if you want to read ahead from your present studies).

So, the 'virgin daughter of Egypt' implies the unconquered state of the land Egypt & therefore the 'daughter of Egypt' would be all those in Egypt awaiting their fate (i.e. the take-over of Babylon) as the battle at Carchemish would be lost & they would become vassals of Babylon. You're doing a good job with your studies, Eric.


Eric Lopez's Jeremiah Chapter 46 comment about verse 27 on 9/01/2021, 4:13pm...

Is daughter of Egypt suppose to mean something? Like the holy people left that dwell in Egypt?


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