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Gary33's Job Chapter 38 comment on 3/06/2022, 6:53am...

The name Arcturus references the constellation Ursa Major (The Great Bear) which lies roughly 46 million light years away from earth. It is considered the third largest constellation in the heavens seen from our planet. The seven primary stars of Ursa Major are also called, in modern times, the "Big Dipper," "Charles's Wain" and other names.

Both God and Job reference Arcturus as an example of the Lord's power and infinite wisdom. It is possible that "the sons," connected to the constellation in Job 38:32, is in reference to the three stars found in the bear's "tail" (the three brightest stars in the Big Dipper's handle seen below).

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T. Levis's Job Chapter 38 comment on 3/05/2022, 8:45pm...

Online : is the brightest star in Northern celestial hemisphere, fourth brightest in night sky, called a bright red giant star,

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