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Chris's Deuteronomy Chapter 32 comment about verse 15 on 5/15/2020, 12:24am...

Jeffrey, sometimes Israel is referred to as Jeshurun. Apparently, used affectionately with poetic connotation. (see also references to this name in Deut 33:5, 26; Isa 44:2).

The message in the passage you referred to, is that God has cared for His children, Israel, right from their beginning, feeding them the best of the earth had to offer. But they committed spiritual adultery & turned aside from the Lord, & so they are thus described in v15 (that they became lazy & insensitive to the things of God & turned to the gods of the nations).


Jeffrey's Deuteronomy Chapter 32 comment about verse 15 on 5/14/2020, 10:07pm...

Who did Jeshurun kick? Did Jeshurun kick Him out?


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