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Ezekiel Chapter 10


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BOOTS ON THE GROUND's Ezekiel Chapter 10 comment on 6/07/2022, 5:39pm...

I'm not being irreverent. Jesus gave us lots of signs to keep watch for.

The thief

The Ten Virgins

The Abomination of Desolation

Matthew 24, and Luke 21, Revelation

I keep my focus on what Jesus said. Trying to set dates can be confusing. Think of how many books have been written on the Rapture/Caught Up in the Clouds?

Movies, TV Series, Tape Series

Why do we not DO what Jesus said to be doing?

Go ye__into your world, neighborhood, city, state, etc.

Evangelize the lost

Be a missionary at World Challenge ministry

Heal the Sick

Raise the Dead (dead feelings)

Give to all who ask of you



Rex B.Carlisle ,Jr's Ezekiel Chapter 10 comment on 6/07/2022, 7:15am...

How we can see thangs taken place showing how close we are of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ !!! In This day and time Rex


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