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David's Mark Chapter 14 comment on 6/18/2021, 9:55am...

In reply to Olivia jessica burgos on Mark 14:25

Good Question! It is difficult to know one verse without knowing the context of the passage. Lord Jesus made it in reference to the Communion Supper He instituted with the apostles.

Basically He was saying that He would sup with us again when we are with Him again in Heaven. The communion was given to us to remember the works that Jesus did for us while here on Earth.

One does not get saved in participating in this event as some believe. Jesus gave it as an ordinance to help us remember and celebrate Him.

When the Lord returns for us, we won't celebrate with just wine and bread. We will celebrate with Him in Heaven in a great feast. I pray this helps.

To boil it down even further, we are to love Him, learn of Him, praise Him, and follow Him. Go out and make disciples, baptizing them as Matthew 28: 18-20 tells us too. So when He comes back, we will be found faithful.


David's Mark Chapter 14 comment on 6/18/2021, 6:20am...

Powerful passage, reveals the omniscience of the Lord knowing all that will come to pass.

v 51, 52 shows us in our spiritual state when we are clothed in our own selves and not in Christ Jesus. We are "naked" and have no power against the flesh. We have no testimony no witness for His sake. Even Peter follows afar off. V54

Have you anointed Jesus in your heart as the woman did. She did it in a public forum, before all. I need to pray continually for the grace of God that I stand fast and not deny Him in my daily living amongst men.

It is very easy to praise the Lord and worship Him amongst the believers in church and fellowship, but I need to be faithful even amongst the unbelievers and deniers of the faith.

Though there are many areas of the faith, doctrines, that we may not agree on; let us pray for each other and lift each other up to the throne of grace. Let us pray even for the people God has placed over us in positions of authority. (Romans 13: 1-5, 1 Tim 2:1-6; 2 Peter 3:9)

Let's lift up the current administration, President Biden, in Christ Name. Those who sit on the bench of the supreme court and of course our 100 senators and 441 (or so) house representatives. (435 stated elected, and 6 from the territories and common wealth of the USA). Sorry for the civics lesson. Pray for your own local state leaders.

God bless all. And lest we forget, pray for the peace in Jerusalem. May we be found faithful as we await the coming of the Lord Jesus in the clouds. 1 These 4: 11- 18


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