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DJ To Charles Jordan concerning Samson's 1 Kings Chapter 11 comment on 6/26/2020, 9:31pm...

Charles Jordan,

You are correct! Satan will knows and exploits our weakness.

However, Samson was not beguiled (as Eve was) and led astray by the Devil, because:"his father and his mother knew not that it was of the LORD, that he (Samson) sought an occasion against the Philistines?" (Judges 14:4)

The Bible reveals that (certain parts of) the life of Samson was guided by the LORD.

Samson only took one wife (Judges 14:3); not many.

Keep praying; keep studying my friend


CHARLES JORDAN's 1 Kings Chapter 11 comment on 6/26/2020, 2:49pm...

In this Chapter, I see a repeat of the same mistake, made by Adam and Eve.

Satan is a master of cunning.

He used Eve to drag in Adam.

... and in this chapter, Solomon is beguiled by his foreign wives, to worship foreign gods and their evil practices.

So, the lesson for me is, if Solomon, so blessed by God in wisdom and knowledge, is led astray by the devil.....I must stay vigilant, even after 40 years with Jesus Christ, my Great Lord.

And in these OPENLY godless times, we see the beginning of the days of Noah, as foretold by Jesus, to his disciples.

Satan is smart.Real smart....a true adversary that will try to find your weakness, like a chess Grandmaster.

I get that.

So, the only way around this, is vigilance via the practice of Bible and Pray.

Now, more than ever, as we enter the Book of Revelation times.


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