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2 Kings Chapter 25


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Sylvester White's 2 Kings Chapter 25 comment about verse 1 on 3/15/2022, 7:11am...

This account in 2 Kings and in Jeremiah concerning what became of Zedekiah and his family have always burned in my mind. The killer part was he had been CONSTANTLY warned through prophecy. This man had witnessed the power of God and how he used Nebuchadnezzar to judge Jerusalem before. It just boggles my mind that he still did evil and even rebelled against the man who put him in his position, though he had NO power.

The prophecy given to Hezekiah in his pride about his sons and them being castrated is utterly stupefying. Another man taking your manhood because of God's judgement, that makes me fear God even more. May God deliver me from my own arrogance and unbelief so I don't end up like Zedekiah, family slain and eyes gouged out. God is truly to be feared.


David's 2 Kings Chapter 25 comment about verse 1 on 9/05/2021, 6:01am...

Because of sin and iniquity the city of Jerusalem, and temple has been ransacked and the walls destroyed. The royal family has been taken captive and scattered. So much has transpired and all had been prophesied by Jeremiah and the prophets. Even as our country cry out in aguish for the glory of God, but they do not want to truly worship the Lord as He so rightfully deserves. Instead we question God's motives and intentions. Many will not worship God, the Lord Jesus Christ because they claim He does not have the true love for us. They wish Him to stop the hate, and killing. Not realizing that all the sin in the world is because of our own evil, fallen nature. Thank you Lord for your great love and compassion, but especially for your patience. Help me to desire your truth and grace this day. Praise your Holy name.

Please shine your face upon us; bless our walk in you and help us to know you intimately through your Word. May this day be the day of grace for many.

September 5, 2021


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