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Carl rasnake's Psalms Chapter 3 comment on 2/25/2023, 8:30am...

i saw acloud in center of cloud a stone arch

two layers white moter joints door to arch was open below arch aroad comming toward ground stoping 20ft above ground was road with 2perfect curbs


Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 3 comment on 9/20/2022, 4:51am...

Psalm 3 summary

This chapter shows how David had to run from Absalom; years after he had to run away from David and everyone else after he killed his brother in revenge for raping his sister. When studying that passage we see that David should have made an attempt to communicate with his son as the act of incest would have been worthy at that time of the death penalty; albeit not in the way craftily planned out as personal revenge for two years.

Since these Psalms for whatever reason are not in chronological order; we see a time much later in David's life when his long struggles with Saul were over. Now; he faced a similar situation with his own offspring where he had to run and hide. He knew from experience that despite what men may have said (verse 2); he could rest in contentment (v. 5). He also knew that having God on his side was superior to numbers (v. 6). We see either the result from the past or in this case of imprecatory prayer; or at the least trusting God to destroy his enemies (v. 7). The last verse sort of hammers home that for His people salvation comes (knowing the true God) and blessings. This is based of course; not only on God's covenant promises but the faithfulness of the individual. Some of David's stuggles were based on his past misdeeds and God's chastisements as warned by Nathan the prophet and by God Himself (in the case of the punishment for taking the census to find out man's strength rather than trusting God). Ultimately; the Messiah would be born through David's lineage so that all things would be fulfilled. It was His Name's sake that allowed many things to be as good as done; which included forgiving constant rebellion among kings and with the population at large.


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