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Chris's Acts Chapter 13 comment on 11/05/2020, 11:34pm...

Julie, I don't think there is any such verse in the Bible. Psalm 127:3 says, "children are an heritage of the LORD". The word in Hebrew can signify a "gift or a possession" from the Lord. Then in 1 Samuel 1:11, Hannah, who was once barren but God enabled her because of her vow to Him, gave her a son whom she called Samuel. She then gave him back to the Lord in accordance with her vow & we know that he was a mighty prophet used by the Lord.

Pastors sometimes refer to this account in the Bible when offering up a child in a Dedication ceremony, as when the child's parents dedicate the little one gifted to them by the Lord, back to Him for His safe-keeping & service. But we know that not only children but all of us have to one day return to the Lord Who made us & give account. So in that sense we all are placed on this Earth for a short time, to enjoy her blessings & the Lord Who made it all for our sake, & then one day we will return to our Maker.


Julie Rhodes's Acts Chapter 13 comment on 11/05/2020, 8:18am...

Our children are on loan to us verses


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