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Mishael's Psalms Chapter 25 comment on 5/16/2021, 11:56pm...

Get a sampler pack of Chick Tracts and give them to the kid & his folks. Almost Everybody loves those little comic book tracts.

You can ask someone from your Church to pray over them to escape the waste can.

Google: Chick Tracts

(You can read all of them online. They have large comic books too) they don't cost much at all


Hailey Goldman's Psalms Chapter 25 comment on 5/16/2021, 7:24pm...

So I know this kid who believes that they are saved by salvation. And I explain to him (in a nice way) why that is incorrect. And they still are so set in their ways. Should i keep trying to explain why you are saved through faith and not through works or should I just give up?


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