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Doug's Luke Chapter 19 comment on 5/09/2022, 3:57am...

I have heard sermons on Zacchaeus. The thing that first comes to mind is his stature, but the real lesson in the account is the size of his heart. Many teaching in the bible (mainly old testament) center around giving a tenth of your increase or income). Zacchaeus gave 1/2 of his goods (I take that to mean net worth). That is a vast difference in giving, but the most remarkable teaching in the account is that Jesus never asked him to give anything. It came to his mind on his own and he voluntarily gave 1/2 of his net worth. "The Lord loveth a cheerful giver"


Sharon Cordelia Wilkins's Luke Chapter 19 comment on 5/08/2022, 4:43pm...

Jesus's call to Zacchaeus was his call to all of us. Christ bearing His longing to fellowship with us. For He longs to take us into the deep intimate place,, so that our eternal encouragement can be realized and His will be can be completed and secured. Then we can grow in the knowing of how utterly we are in Him.

My prayer is that we will always continue in His blessings for us.

Love and Peace, little children!!!


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