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Bright's John Chapter 9 comment about verse 4 on 8/11/2020, 1:30am...

Question: according to john chapter 9 verse 4, why must we serve God during our life time?


Geoff's John Chapter 9 comment on 7/21/2020, 8:26pm...

Barbara, I would like to add, Job, had his friends and they tried to figure out what Job did wrong that God would cause all those things to happen to him. Job proclaimed he did nothing wrong. It was Satan, if you remember the story. Just as in Verse 9 neither the man nor the parents sinned. It was so Jesus could heal, he was born blind. In Job, we learn of the Leviathan and the Behemoth, two powerful creatures that are neither good nor bad, they just do their thing and sometimes cause misfortune. But, Job was not a sinner though people thought he was and he argued with God. He layed it out to Him.....And, God responded

Jacob, deceived his father Issac and his brother Esau, and ended up wrestling with an angel not letting him go, (like wrestling in prayer not quitting till he got an answer). The angel named Jacob, Israel. So, if you see Israel and Jacob in the bible, they're the same person. And, if see a name with "el" in it, el translates to God. (Immanuel, Michael, Gabriel, El Shaddai, etc). You asked a very important question. I wanted to be thorough to offer some kind of help, in your seeking God. Remember, Jesus came to Earth looking for us.


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