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Tony's John Chapter 9 comment about verse 4 on 10/15/2020, 12:38pm...

Kenneth; frist of all we can not let others keep us from God thru Jesus .It is your eternal soul that is at stake .

That is way the Word tells us to search out our own salvation .It does not matter who actually hung Jesus on the cross .

Jesus dyed on the cross as a substitute for each of us as the. spotless Lamb

that was required by GODS law to fulfill the law and the prophets .It was my sins and the sins of all mankind that put Jesus on the cross. It is hard to separate carnal (earthly) from sprit . Please do not let other keep you from coming to CHRIST .The word tells us to study the Word so that we can tell what is from GOD or the devil who come to(kill, steal and destroy ) It is your eternal Soul at stake ,and all thru the Word it says to endure to the end trusting in JESUE and him alone .I pray this is a help because I have been where you are hurt by church ,hurt by people that I had earthly trust in ,but I have NEVER been hurt by Jesus Christ ,even though we have to go though. things that if we hold onto Christ It will build your faith as we look back and see how God brought us through . May God Bless you and give you Faith in Jesus till the end .


KENNETH JOHN REAUME's John Chapter 9 comment about verse 4 on 9/15/2020, 1:28pm...

I have many dates, times, and concerns, I did my past but never braught forth, I dont go to church for reasons of lies, like it wasnt God nor Ceasars but Roman Chathlic..Religion hung a man on the cross for not witchery nor magic but faith with in you to change.... I feel something big in me and im scrambling all over.


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