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Fred Scanlan's Exodus Chapter 27 comment on 8/15/2022, 7:08pm...

God the Father is the creator! He is the perfect one! No one ,No one can stand before Him or look upon Him! He sends His Son, a part of Himself to reveal Himself unto us!

I know, and do not know ,why He would do this.

In all His benevolence,in all His person of who He is ,He reaches out to man in and through His son Jesus! These things started long ago through a promise given to Abraham! This is the explanation in His word!

So, our God wants us to know who He is!

Our God is who He says He is, the creator of all things!

Even so, we cannot know Him on our terms, or with the nature we have. There must be reconciliation. A reconciliation (A Path ) that will provide a way unto Him.

These are the conditions. Only, Because of sin.

The same sin as was from the beginning and is still born within everyone of us! (original sin).

Knowing these things is the groundwork required for knowing the heavenly of Him! If you are drawn unto Him, then this is the treasure that is before you! Jesus died that you and I might know Him! This is the treasure set before you!

Repent and be Baptized


GiGi's Exodus Chapter 27 comment on 8/15/2022, 6:26pm...

Ex. ch. 27

In this chapter the altar of sacrifice is described. It is made of brass (brazen) not gold. It is outside of the Holy of Holies, separated from the Presence of God on the mercy seat of the ark in the Holy of Holies. It has a brass grate in a hallowed out center with a catch basin to collect the ashes that fall through the grate when the sacrifice is burned on top of the grate. Wood is used as the fuel that burns the sacrifice, not oil.

The altar is were the sacrifice for sin is made. This reminds me that the cross is where Jesus took all of our sins upon Himself. He became the sacrifice for our sins. They were all destroyed, like ashes, at the cross, just like the ashes we collected beneath the altar. So the altar of sacrifice was the place of removal of sin from the Israelites, and the cross is the place of the removal of all of our sins, once and for all (unlike the brazen altar where sacrifices are made daily for the sins of the people).

This sacrifice needed to be done outside the "temple" because sin cannot come into the presence of our holy God. Jesus was crucified outside the temple, outside the walls of the city on an elevated place (altar), Golgotha (place of the skull).

This altar in the tabernacle reminds the Israelites that sin requires an atonement of death of a sacrifice. It required the shedding of blood unto death. It requires the death of one who is without sin to (without spot or wrinkle) to be a substitute for our sinful persons. The differences between the sacrifice of lambs and bulls on this altar and the sacrifice of Christ are that animals are not a perfect substitute for man. The perfect substitute must be a sinless human. And that the animal sacrificed stayed dead, but Jesus, because He was God, too, rose from the dead, thus justifying us with His righteousness. He did not see decay, no, not as the ashes of the sacrifice on the altar. He rose up bodily without decay, but with the wounds of His crucifixion upon his body.


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