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RWhiteman's Matthew Chapter 7 comment on 4/09/2022, 4:27pm...

In order to keep the belief we must look at ourselves, we cannot judge as the world will.

Then we can develop a true love with the author of love...TLG ..The Living God


Free Luke chapter 9 and 10's Matthew Chapter 7 comment on 4/07/2022, 12:35am...

Hi dear "Ben Piccolino", Matthew 7:1-6 a long long time ago actually in the beginning of being born again i experienced these words in a very strange way. The experience may help you. Testimony: i was to open a meeting with words and prayer. It was 11 o'clock in the morning. Best as i should find a word these from Matthew came to me.

In my mind i could not deliver these, thought then of the man who was to speak that it would turn out wrong. (At this stage i did not know the Lord very well: p).

I rather found a hymn to open the meeting.

As soon as I got up to open the meeting, I got a shred in my one eye! Now i did not think much about it, but the plague in the eye did not go away. It was evening and now the eye was really tender and red. The evening came and the house calmed down but my eye bothered me. Now I began to seek God in Jesus' Name. At 3 o'clock in the morning i promised the Lord and wrote a letter to this man. I did it right away. There i very humbled explained my violation and apologized for not acting on the word as i should. He also received the word from Matthew handed down. The letter had to have a stamp on the envelope so i had to wait until the morning to post the letter. And As soon as i put the letter in the mailbox it shook my eye well! It was a real lesson. After that, I've never been wiser than the Lord! So it was not my business to condemn this person for not being able to receive this word from Matthew. In retrospect, i have thought that meeting was not a success, it was a closed and dark meeting. The meeting gave us nothing, and everyone was happy the meeting was finally over. And everything was my fault! Such is my friend that the Lord does not think like me and you. He always has thoughts of peace. Had i read the words, the person who was to speak would have been freed from something it was bound by. And we will had a meeting with freedom and joy. Hallelujah shouts and thanksgiving. After that, I know that the Holy Spirit gives me words


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