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Matthew Chapter 7


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Gary Hugh Mcmurray's Matthew Chapter 7 comment on 12/14/2021, 12:39pm...

Why does every Christian not being taught the Gospel


Gigi's Matthew Chapter 7 comment on 11/26/2021, 12:00pm...


God did work a wonder in bringing forth our country. Our country offers an individual the greatest freedoms of any country in the history of the world. We should hope to preserve it and make it better than what it has regressed to become.

I am dismayed by the hatred aimed against our country and the strong and good foundations on which it was built. I pray tat God can bring revival to our country and set it aright once again to be a shining beacon of hope (the gospel) and "light" (of Christ) to the world. I remember President Ronald Reagan well the way he uplifted the view of our country in a positive and helpful way. May God raise up a President for us who will be led by righteous principles and faith in God.

Our country was created by much blood, sweat, and tears. It has been preserved by much blood, sweat, and tears. It may need to be restored by much blood, sweat, and tears, as well. Let us labor in prayer for our country.


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