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BSP's Zechariah Chapter 1 comment on 8/31/2020, 11:08am...

Verses 12-16-God discerned that the people needed more encouragement so he sent another angel. God will send us the encouragement we need if we are faithful to him.


Chris's Zechariah Chapter 1 comment on 5/08/2020, 8:29pm...

Nella, I had a read of the whole chapter of Zechariah 1, particularly v 15, & wondered how you were looking at this verse. Do you feel that the LORD, Who is sovereign over all people & all things, only shows a great displeasure in the heathen standing against Israel, rather than doing something about it?

In this vision (or, dream) that came to Zechariah, the main message to the prophet was that though Israel would suffer at the hands of their enemies (& mostly because of Israel's own sin & disobedience), there would be a day coming when their enemies (now at ease), will be the ones to be dealt with by the LORD (Zech chap 12). This is a wonderful book depicting how God would one day (in the last days) re-visit His people & re-vitalize them with His Spirit, beginning with His Branch (Messiah, Jesus) of which Joshua was used as a type (Zech 6:12). I'm sure present day Israel would be resting their hope in the surety of this prophetical book, but in grief they will see the Branch Whom they crucified coming to judge them & rule over them one day.

So, the 'Sovereignty of God' is not in question in that verse 15, nor in other similar verses that seemingly shows God 'doing nothing about the situation'. Rather, it again shows to us of how God is concerned about His people & will allow suffering to come to them for their learning but will surely intervene at His appointed Time when He will shower them with His blessings.


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