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Ronald Whittemore's 1 Chronicles Chapter 16 comment about verse 11 on 1/14/2022, 1:11pm...


Chris gave you an excellent reply.

LORD (YHVH) has a face, but humans cannot look on it and live, Moses saw his back parts Exodus 33:20-23. If we accept Jesus as our Lord and savior and are sealed with the Holy Spirit, when all is new, we will see our LORDs face. Revelation 21:1-7 Revelation 22:4. We will see God and Jesus both, because they will be the temple, Revelation 21:22

God bless,



Gigi's 1 Chronicles Chapter 16 comment about verse 11 on 1/14/2022, 11:16am...

Hello David,

Rick and Chris have given you some good info on this.

The Father and the Holy Spirit consist pure Spirit, and therefore do not have features that we can see. However, since the Incarnation of God the Son as Jesus, we will be able to see His face as He remains the n heaven as God the Son and Man united in the person of Jesus. Our Savior.

So, when we pray, we can imagine what Jesus may look like. He is glorious like He was at His transfiguration or in the Book of Revelation.

How amazing that God took on flesh forever so that we can receive salvation and see God when we get to heaven! We will still be held man in heaven, though I glorified bodies, but we will apprehend God with our eyes in the face of Jesus Christ because , though God, He also is human like us. God thought of everything we need in this life and th next to know Him and worship Him forever.


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