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GiGi's Matthew Chapter 23 comment on 10/27/2022, 3:54pm...

Dear Bob,

I understand what Jesus said about calling men Rabbi or Father. These titles were given to men and people looked to them for spiritual guidance. But I think that the point is more so that we are to look for our Heavenly Father and seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit instead of looking to these men just because they have such titles. We need to be discerning about who we choose to help us in our Christian walk.

I don't think that it is wrong for children to call their biological father "daddy" or "Dad" or "Father". Nor call one who is instructing us "Teacher" or "Rabbi". As a Kindergarten teacher I was called "teacher" often everyday when children needed help.

I think Jesus was mostly speaking about placing any human person (Rabbi, Father, teacher, mentor) in place of God and His Word or as an authority above God and His Word. The Rabbis of Jesus' day thought of themselves this way, even thinking that they were on a level to instruct God.


Bob Whosoever [John 3:16]'s Matthew Chapter 23 comment on 10/26/2022, 7:34am...

I wonder more and more about men (not their character neccessarily) with the title 'father' or 'Rabbi' since The Lord said not to be called either. this is not meant to be a 'gotcha' statement, as it is recorded in the Gospel here [vs 6 >12]. If our Lord Yeshua's word's are open to debate/challenge/controversy/doubt, what's next? {written in God's Word(s) [KJV]} in these 'LATTER' of the last days "..perilous times.." [as of today 10/26/2022] on planet earth?


kol tuv etc ....... Christian & (Messianic) Jewish Miscopah & MARANATHA, very, very, very soon!


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