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Chris's Job Chapter 1 comment on 10/14/2021, 1:22am...

Neither Jude 1:6 nor 2 Peter 2:4 tell us how many angels followed Satan in his rebellion, Prasanth. Some Bible students might use Revelation 12:3,4 referring to Satan taking with him one third of the angelic host with him, but the narrative is too vague in my opinion & Revelation itself is not always in sequential order.

So, I cannot vouch with any certainty about the number of angels but my sense is that it would have been a great company of them, not just a dozen or so. And then of course, if the fallen angels were kept in everlasting chains awaiting Judgement Day, does the demonic activity of old & present days, represent the spirits of those angels? It's hard to have certainty & form conclusions.


Prasanth Konde's Job Chapter 1 comment on 10/14/2021, 12:39am...


I need one more clarification ,Jude 1:6 says it was chained and locked untill the judement day. I just want to know howmany highrank angels are fallen from the kingdom of heaven and trouble to our mankind.



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