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Dav47's Job Chapter 1 comment on 5/25/2022, 6:30am...

Back in those days Satan was allowed to traverse dimensions de facto for so did GOD. GOD a just, fair righteous GOD for every negative there is a positive. Satan and angels (messengers) good and bad traversed earth unnoticed for they are in our exact image, some are still allowed by GOD Hebrew 13:2. In the temptation of CHRIST, HE ordered Satan behind HIM (Luke 4:8) and that is where Satan is held by Michael until he is cast out again to be here defacto along with the 7k that refused to be born of woman to reign for 5 months. The 7k fallen angels were here defacto impregnated the women to corrupt the seed of Abraham from which umbilical cord to umbilical cord CHRIST would come. Satan's spirit is still allowed and other evil spirits to possess people but they are no longer allowed to traverse dimensions in person until 6th trump (Revelation 12:7). We know this because CHRIST and the disciples cast out many. Disciples had trouble with a stubborn one; the lunatic -Satan's very spirit. GOD allows this; for HE wants us to defeat them; CHRIST gave us the power to defeat all our enemies as long as we have CHRIST as head of us. Luke 10:19. If we discern a evil spirit we are to not argue with them but rebuke them Jude 1:9


Fred Scanlan's Job Chapter 1 comment on 5/24/2022, 2:22am...

Have you ever been tempted? If so, did you think it came from heaven or from the earth? If you can answer this question than you have answered your own.

It is impossible for God to tempt us.

Satan will make you believe it is God that is doing the tempting, while he makes himself into an angel of light.

Scripture has a way of looking things out for us, so we have a better understanding of what is really going on around us.

This meeting the bible speaks of, will eventually take place in our lives in one time or another. It will be only because of the grace found in Christ that we will overcome in the time of temptation!

There is a war going on for the souls of Gods creation. It is called you and me in this Heaven and earth!

Repent and be baptized


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