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Bob Grove's Acts Chapter 2 comment about verse 4 on 8/03/2020, 1:09pm...

The Book of Acts is so important.

Here in acts 2 we can see the proper position of Christ's church .

Their founder and foundation of the apostles all Jewish and they met in the TEMPLE. They where not called christians , but are of the commonwealth of Israel . Christian was a label that came at Antioch, not from God the father , Jesus or the Holy Spirit , or even Apostles. But most Likely the religious Jews or other people of influence.

Sorry no Catholic Church here or Protestant church either or so many of the cult like groups .

Read Acts and understand what the real faith is . Or at least grow your understanding only based in the scriptures. Forget the hundreds of denominations that can not agree on even what bible to read . KJV is a proven bible with blessings to those that listen to Gods words contained within . The word of God is precious to those that hear and obey . Men just deceive these days , here you go read Acts God has supplied for the truth seekers .


Jesse's Acts Chapter 2 comment about verse 4 on 7/27/2020, 11:30am...


Can you please clarify your statement: "Baptism is necessary for salvation. If it were not necessary, then Jesus would not have allowed John to baptize Him."

It looks like you are saying that Jesus needed to be baptized for salvation? There was a reason why Jesus was baptized, but it had nothing to do with salvation.


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