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Following Jesus is the Best__mishael's Acts Chapter 2 comment about verse 18 on 10/10/2021, 11:00pm...

When you are born again (John 3), Jesus will send the Holy Spirit to live with you and teach you everything you need to know. This is known as receiving the baptism through the Holy Spirit.

Water baptism is something many people want to do. I did. For me I was leaving my old life in the water and being raised in newness of mind and spirit. In my mind, it was also a statement to the

devil that I wholly belonged to Jesus, now and forever.

Be sensitive to how and what the Holy Spirit is saying to you. His is a still small voice that does never frighten you. I hear his voice in my spirit, but near my right ear. He likes praise music, that's all I can say. Jesus is the joy of my life.

Keep coming back here and we'll pour some love of Jesus all over you. Write me Anytime :)


GRACE_ambassador {ChrisE}'s Acts Chapter 2 comment about verse 18 on 10/10/2021, 6:31pm...

Precious Paul, great question. Water WAS for the Jews, one of three requirements for the Nation Of ISRAEL to be "inducted" in the 'priesthood' and forgiveness of sins.

Today, Under GRACE, God Only Has ONE {Spiritual} BAPTISM to place 'members' Into The Body Of CHRIST! Here is my "study":



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