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Mishael's John Chapter 14 comment on 7/06/2021, 12:00pm...

You can enter your Bible scripture into Google. Decide which you want: teaching, history, or Commentary

Type that after your selected scripture

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And just read the thoughts of other Bible teachers


S Spencer's John Chapter 14 comment on 7/06/2021, 8:22am...

Hi Nwachukwu.

When you click on Bible Discussion there is a section where it says Discussions by Book/Chapter. All available on this site.

However one can get confused and lost going through such material being that there is diverse opinions of what's behind written.

Once you have given yourself to the Lord let your source of understanding come from the Lord's word and prayer to get on a solid foundation.

I would suggest using the king James Bible, A good concordance, and Bible dictionary.

Then use the site to perhaps gather thoughts of others.

REMEMBER THAT FOUNDATION IS VERY IMPORTANT!! "God's Word and you trusting and feeding on it!!".

Please stay in touch daily if need be.

God bless.


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