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Gerald's John Chapter 14 comment on 12/01/2022, 3:36pm...

Given the medium and the time misunderstandings can occur . My apologies then.

The number of questions I have raised should not be taken as being troubled by any question the Bible may throw up . But rather they were put to provoke thought not needlessly stir up dust or in anyway undermine peoples faith in the Bible .

But rather to show that many long held thinking and concepts do not hold up in the light of scripture .

Sound doctrine always does .

But you know the seed that fell by the way side in the parable of the sower?

I think that is a well trodden path of our own thinking or passed down and accepted without scrutiny .

So well an habitual way of thinking that no seed can last and the fowls of the fair simply take it away and produces no fruit .

Nothing wrong with the seed " but by our traditions we make the Word of God of none effect "

The world is going crazy and millions are chained to the chariot of the devil and are on their way to hell.

I fear the church is too busy ' celebrating' to notice .

When in truth such good news should be bursting at the seems of the church .

Just as all the angels of heaven being a very disciplined lot held their peace while the message was given but once given heaven could no longer restrain itself and burst its banks in giving glory to God for having fulfilled His promise to mankind in the garden of Eden .


Falldown7standup8's John Chapter 14 comment on 12/01/2022, 9:40am...

I think you misunderstood me Gerald. I was simply seeking to praise the lord! Brother Gerald, you asked me 11 questions?! I see you are passionate about god and his word brother. I pray god gives you the wisdom of when to speak and when not to speak. We as Christian men and women need to be able to express ourselves in love to one another. Not every word we say is going to be perfect, brother Gerald. I pray god wraps you in his love today! We need more AMENS! More alleluia's! Christ must reign. Yes, brother Gerald! I'm saying AMEN to you brother! I pray joy over your life! Moreover, I pray peace in your heart from anything that is troubling you. Jesus loves us Gerald! I appreciate your comments and questions very much! May the lord bless you in all you do!


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