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Richard H Priday's John Chapter 14 comment on 6/15/2022, 8:31am...

it should be noted; and I have mentioned this before to others in my fellowship that there ARE no verses where a SPECIFIC lost person is prayed for. This is a key point to strongly verify that predestination is the necessary ingredient for anyone to come to salvation. The book of John shows how the elect all come to Christ; and repentance itself as Ephesians and other scriptures mention is a gift from God. The verses in your other commentary all show how God works to generally save people collectively.

The only other option is to be a universalist; in regard to God "drawing all men unto Himself". Indeed many are called and few chosen; and God allows the wheat to grow up with the tares in the visible body of Christ for the invisible true church to eventually be made evident in time. Of course our natural inclination is to see family and friends; or "nice people" to be converted. We tend to neglect those ministries where a "Damascus road" experience occurs; but those in prison ministry certainly see it quite frequently. Whatever the response OUR message needs to demonstrate agape love for the unloveable. For us to display through a surrendered life the fear and joy of the Lord in the message our life demonstrates along with a trust in the validity of scriptures when speaking to others means that they are reading our lives along with the delivery of the gospel message. Right now; much of the Body of Christ is asleep and needs to wake up-some individuals have been out of regular fellowship a long time and are living compromised lives. Most people have some familiarity with scripture; but are blinded to the truth that Jesus is indeed God in the flesh (not some avatar or New Age like cosmic force); that what they consider humanitarian and loving behavior is still coming from selfish motives of pride if the Spirit of God isn't at work. Our own sin needs to be exposed; and only the Lord can do that. The Spirit convicts of sin; righteousness and judgment


Chris's John Chapter 14 comment on 6/15/2022, 2:30am...

Here a few Margaret (you can hover over each one to read the text).

Matthew 9:38; John 17:20,21; Acts 26:18; Romans 10:1; 1 Timothy 2:1-4.


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