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Brenda McWilliams's John Chapter 14 comment on 1/06/2022, 2:08pm...

I'm so glad to be saved by our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazereth!!!


Mike samuel's John Chapter 14 comment on 12/27/2021, 1:48am...

I believe that john 14:3 refers to the rapture of the churches of king yahshua hamashiach. my reasons are simple:

1. there are two comings of the lord yahshua after his ascension.

2. they are the 2.1 the rapture of his churches, and 2.2 the second coming.

3. at the second coming, he will return to earth as king yahshua at exactly the same place that he ascended to heaven.

4. at the second coming, he will be coming down from heaven to earth together with all of those who were rapture earlier.

therefore, when yahshua said that...he will come again to recieve us to himself...this cannot be the second coming but the rapture of the churches of yahshua hamashiach. if we were to come down to earth with him, how can he be recieving us??

sceptics and even christians have asked the question: "how can the rapture be true when jesus himself did not say anything about the rapture??"

i am not a theologian but i do believe that the the lord yahshua/yeshua/jesus/yesus/iesous was referring to the rapture of his churches in john 14:3!

halleluyah..... maranatha.

mike samuel




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