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Chris's 2 Samuel Chapter 20 comment on 11/05/2022, 5:57pm...

Hello Dorothea. Could you clarify whether you're referring to Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah (2 Samuel 11:3), or to the Queen of Sheba who came to visit King Solomon (1 Kings 10:1)?

Though to answer your questions, if either of these women only are being referred to, then neither were stoned or impregnated by Solomon, according to the Bible. As well, the Queen of Sheba returned to her country after her meeting with King Solomon (1 Kings 10:13). We're not told where the realm of Sheba is/was located, but the main choices are in modern Yemen and in Ethiopia.


Dorotheaescott.mema@gmail.com's 2 Samuel Chapter 20 comment on 11/05/2022, 12:03pm...

Was Besheba stoned?

Did Solomon pregnant Besheba?what happen to Besheba?

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