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U4YAH's 1 Samuel Chapter 5 comment on 2/12/2023, 10:05am...

Ouch, that would hurt!


Browneyes878787's 1 Samuel Chapter 5 comment on 2/09/2023, 4:31pm...

Got question states

In 1 Samuel 5-6 (KJV), God afflicts the Philistines with emerods in His anger over their taking the Ark of the Covenant from the Israelites. The word translated "emerods" in the King James Version comes from a root word literally meaning "to swell," and the Hebrew word translated "emerods" literally means "mound." This is basically all we know about emerods, but the context has led historians and Bible commentators to conclude that the plague of emerods was actually an occurrence of tumors, boils, or possibly hemorrhoids or "piles." Most translations of 1 Samuel 5:6 say the affliction was "tumors"; the ISV says "tumors of the groin"; and the Darby translation says "hemorrhoids."


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