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GiGi's Matthew Chapter 17 comment on 10/22/2022, 5:46pm...

Hello Jude,

In this chapter Jesus had sent his disciples out to preach the gospel of the kingdom and to cast out demons, heal people, and do other signs and wonders. When a youth was brought before Jesus with a demon who terrorized and injured the youth, Jesus cast the demon out with His authority, which the demons must obey.

But the disciples had already tried to cast out the demon from this person and it did not come out. When they asked why this was so, Jesus first replied that it is because of their unbelief but then goes on to say that this type of demon does not come out except through prayer and fasting.

So, perhaps Jesus was saying that one must have faith that the demons will obey the command (as Jesus did) and second, that if a demon does not remove themselves from a person, even when commanded in faith, then one may need to spend time in prayer and fasting to be strengthened spiritually before confronting this demon again. It may have been a more powerful demon than the ones the disciples were able to cast out. Or maybe the disciples needed to learn humility through prayer and fasting so as not to confront such a demon with arrogance and self-will.

Whatever the reason for the prayer and fasting, Jesus was certainly teaching that one who is called to cast out demons should not walk away from the person if the demon does not come out when they first command. The called one is take these additional steps and continue to command the demon to leave until it does. The one called is to have compassion for the one possessed, seeking to bring relief and restoration to the person more than seeking to see a miracle happen. Jesus instructed His disciples to persevere and labor in prayer, denying themselves physical food in order that they will be spiritually submitted to God's strength in them when they feel physically weakened by the discipline of prayer and fasting. This may also indicate that demons are much stronger and more clever than humans.


Jude's Matthew Chapter 17 comment on 10/19/2022, 9:56am...

What does Matthew 17:21 refer to?


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