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Joemanjamz's Psalms Chapter 91 comment on 10/30/2022, 4:09pm...

Absolutely. Check it out:

The *Stone of Stumbling and Rock of Offense* (Isa 8:13-14/Ro 9:33-10:4 )

*The Shepherd Who Would be AMONG His Sheep* (Eze 34:11-12/1Pe 2:25)

*The Only God and Savior to Whom Every Knee Shall Bow* (Isa 45:21-25; Php 2:10)

*God/Jesus Righteous God and Savior* (Isa 43:3; 45:5,21; Tit 2:13; Ps 102:25-26,25; Heb 1:10-11)

*God/Jesus Call Upon Him* (Ro 10:13; Joe 2:32,32; Ro 10:13)

*THE FIRST AND THE LAST* (Isa 44:6; Re 1:17)

*God/Jesus is JUDGE of the World* (Ps 96:13; Joh 9:39; 2Ti 4:1)

*God/Jesus is REDEEMER* (Isa 48:17; Ga 3:13; Re 5:9; 14:4)

*GOD /Jesus Our Only Boast of Glory and Our Righteousness* (Jer 9:24; 23:6; 9:24; 23:6; 1Co 1:30-31)

*God/Jesus The Mind Unknowable* (Isa 40:13; 1Co 2:16; Re 1:7; Zec 12:10,10; Re 1:7)

*Preparing ye the way for God*(Isa 40:3; Mr 1:2-4; Mt 3:3; Isa 40:3-5; Mr 1:2-3; Mt 3:3)

*God/Jesus share The Same Glory*(Isa 6:3; Re 4:8)

*God/Jesus Have the Same Voice*(Eze 43:2; Re 1:15)

*God/Jesus an Everlasting Light*(Isa 60:19-20; Re 21:23)

Ex 3:14 God said to Moses, *I Am that I Am*. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: *I AM* has sent me to you.'

The Lord Jesus uses the same words spoken to Moses:

Joh 8:24 "for if you do not believe that *I AM*, you will die in your sins"

Joh 6:35: *I AM* the bread of life"

Joh 8:12: *I AM* the light of the world"

Joh 10:9 *I AM* the door."

Joh 10:11 *I AM* the Good Shepherd"

Joh 11:25 *I AM* the Resurrection and the Life"

Joh 14:6 *I AM* the way, the truth, and the life"

Joh 15:1 *I AM* the true vine,

Joh 8:23-24: *I AM* from above" *I AM* not of this world"

"Joh 8:58: Before Abraham was brought into being, *I AM*. = *I AM*.


SJK1967's Psalms Chapter 91 comment on 10/25/2022, 9:14am...

Kind of! We refer to the Trinity - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Three in one. For example: I am a daughter, I am a mother and I am a wife. Three in one. In no way am I comparing myself, but it's easier sometimes to think of in everyday terms. God the Son (Jesus) always was, but God the Father sent Him to Earth so that we might be saved and have eternal life.


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