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Rebecca's Psalms Chapter 91 comment on 4/06/2021, 2:43pm...

What is the book of Enoch always a part of the Bible then it was taken out like the apocrypha ?


Chris's Psalms Chapter 91 comment on 4/04/2021, 10:23pm...

Hello Denise. In the 'ideal' situation, where both husband & wife are mature & responsible people, hold joint financial accounts, are transparent in their financial dealings, & as a first course of action, given to discuss such matters & their possible ramifications to remaining resources, I agree, that they both should discuss it & make a joint agreed decision on such a large expense.

Quite often though, one spouse may not be quite 'savvy' in financial matters & would entrust that responsibility to the other spouse, which could work out well. And I suppose, when you write, 'a substantial amount of money', that could be in reference to the money you already have available, whether a large or small amount. If your husband is refusing to discuss this matter with you, is he prone to making other decisions without your knowledge or involvement? Are his financial decisions leaving you & your family in hardship? You may then need to get other help if he is agreeable & prepared to go that route. I know of couples who have been forced to hold separate secret bank accounts, simply to preserve funds so that the other spouse can't get access to them & destroy their livelihood. But this hopefully, is not your situation.

I always discuss all important, out of the ordinary, financial matters with my wife - I believe that is the correct, prudent & loving way to deal with it & all matters that require mutual consideration & consent.


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