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Carleton's Matthew Chapter 2 comment on 4/08/2021, 1:03am...

What foundation can we go back to as brother's in Christ? Can we justify our relationship to this foundation only by scripture or is there other evidence? What is accountability? Does the Holy Ghost remind us of our foundation and what it cost? Did we sell everything to know the foundation? Do we remain on the foundation or is there temptation to wander off? Can we/you teach the Gospel or reprove for the Gospel's sake if we are not on the foundation? Who is our brother, who is our sister? On the true foundation do we remain teachable? God leads to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, do we know Him?

morning meditation.


Cherryl jordan jones's Matthew Chapter 2 comment on 4/07/2021, 7:08am...

It was really awesome to see that even though out of fear joseph decided not to go to israel, God had another prophecy for him taking jesus to Nazareth. It gives hope to those who would have felt that chances were lost by decisions they would have made. God never give up on us and continues to journey with us until we arrive at that place.


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