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Pagan nun maji's Matthew Chapter 2 comment on 6/08/2022, 5:02pm...

of scribes & teachers

The last prophet was the first

Within the phases of her moon shine

Each shadow is a memory of a healer we once recognised as self

Reflection deflect responsibility of an illusion we may change the future

At selfish whim or idle song of regrets

bodies counted as dead are forever lost futures of GOD'S true mind

And unconditional love unattended



Streetpreacher's Matthew Chapter 2 comment on 6/03/2022, 4:32am...

Have you tried using the search box? Put your scripture in it. When it comes up, touch the screen till it highlights yellow. Scroll down slow till you see the commentary box. Open it. It'll have John Wesley and peoples Bible commentaries.

You can do the same thing on Google.

Scripture, Bible Commentaries, enter

Choose a link with Bible in the name

BibleHub, Bible Ref, there's more

Good reading every time.


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