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GiGi's Psalms Chapter 88 comment on 3/13/2023, 9:20am...

Richard, Yes, we need to seek the Lord at all times, but especially when death is near. And yet, we are to remind ourselves that the Father calls and draws near those He has chosen for salvation. Therefore, even in dire circumstances we can know that the Holy Spirit contends with the unbelieving heart even up to death. So, we can certainly trust that even though we may not be 'in the sphere' when someone is close to death, we can trust that the Holy Spirit is and is able to do all of the work of salvation without us in such circumstances.

But we, ourselves are to not lose heart when we face such a foe as death. God is with us and will not forsake us even if we should die, we will live.


Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 88 comment on 3/13/2023, 6:06am...

Psalm 88. Probably the most depressing passage in all scripture as to a personal viewpoint of experience in this life. This certainly reminds us of the book of Job. (see Job 30:15 in particular).

Verse 4 seems to indicate that this person is near unto death and is further supported by verse 6 where it seems the pit of Sheol is nigh. We see that those in that state are "cut off from thy hand" therefore there is no more mercy from God at that point. We are reminded of Isaiah 38:18 and many other passages which show that the dead will not praise God (verse 10). Furthermore; destruction and forgetfulness also describe the fate of those in hell (verse 11-12). Those things which affected our emotions and desires on earth (Ecclesiastes 9:5) will not exist as the body returns to the dust. However; the soul lives on and for the unregenerate in conscious torment (see Lazarus and the unnamed rich man (Luke 16:19-31).

Nonetheless; we must seek His face while He can be found. Job's state wasn't hopeless; and neither is anyone in Christ who truly repents and seeks the Lord. The enemy certainly can have us ensnared in sin; or oppressing us with feelings of hopelessness. We need to confess sin and seek His face; as well as trusting His promises despite circumstances. That is good advice surely in war; famine and other horrendous circumstances that bring us near death as well as seeing death all around us. These passages should remind us to seek those who may be disfigured by disease and to demonstrate God's love through service wherever we can.


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